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What is Bitrix24 ?

Bitrix24 is a unified collaboration platform that empowers your business with efficient CRM, task management, contact management, customer service and many more tools. The software solution is exclusively designed to aid businesses with efficient internal and external resource management.Your company definitely deserves such vast collaborative approach to make it a better work place where large teams in different locations can communicate effortlessly and BITRIX 24 is the right platform to manage them head on



What if you can Like. Comment. Share the work at your enterprise too? Bitrix24 provides a social interface for communication to efficiently manage document


Bitrix24 provides an extensive Task & Project management assistance where you can track your work progress, make checklists, assign task dependencies, enable Kanban view of work groups


Want hassle-free communication with team and clients? Bitrix24 enables you to stay on-board with real time communication tools like phone calls, mobile messaging, group chats, screen sharing, video calls, video-conference


Nothing can be more frustrating than having a file cluttered with important documents. Bitrix provides a complete collaborative document management system for easy sharing, downloads, private use


Bitrix24 treats your business with personalized space to save, sync and share important documents. Its document collaborative feature has file sharing, document syncing, multi-user online editing, company, personal group drives


How about organizing activity and coordinating with employees and resources through a streamline communication process? Bitrix24 comes with a calendar which provides timely reminders, event schedulers, integration with CRM


Experience a personalized email service with Bitrix24. The CRM software allows two-way email synchronization, generate tasks from received emails, create shared email in boxes for team


Bitrix24 provides a collaborative customer relationship management solution to facilitate efficient communication with potential clients, partners, dealers and other external public. Automate your sales, leads


Bitrix24 gives an ultimate platform where your customer can approach your business with every possible means of communication. Be it an email, phone call, social media, messenger, website live chat, Bitrix has it all


With exclusive Telephony feature, Bitrix24 enables to make effortless phone calls without an IP telephony equipment. Compatible with popular SIP phone models, the feature is included in all plans as well as editions of Bitrix24.


Bitrix24 understands business world is dynamic and so are the resources to manage them. The software’s mobile application function as mobile CRM, intranet portal and mobile HRMS system. The app supports both iOS and Android devices


Want to design or re-design your website? Well, Bitrix24 can do that too. You can effortlessly build the website and landing pages. Add-ons like Live Chat, Webforms enhances your website performance.

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