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Embedded Solutions
Handheld Terminals, POS Terminals, Production Monitoring System, GPS Tracking & Navigation System

An Embedded system is based on specification. Specific requirements are defined and based on these requirements an embedded system is developed. In short an embedded system works for a predefined task. On the whole a hardware chip programmed for a dedicated task results in an embedded system.

Embedded Solutions is all about empowering individuals and companies to maximize efficiency through the use of technological products that are appropriate for their particular situation.

ABT Info is also responsible for the development of software solutions. These solutions could be anything from software for a handheld device to a larger piece of software for a high-powered desktop computer. The versatility of those two ends of the spectrum is one of the reasons that people turn to ABT Info for their software needs.

ABT Info Systems offer development services in embedded systems for the following industries: Telecom, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Electronics and Industrial Automation.

Key offerings

Customized Development

Technology markets we serve

Computing Platforms

  • Device Drivers and Management Agents
  • Storage Management Systems
  • Systems & Infrastructure Management

Solution Areas

  • Instrumentation Interface
  • Information Management Systems
  • Production Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Solutions

Expertise across all layers


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